Bitcoin innovation is back.
News. Meetups. Hackathons.
We're not sure exactly how many hours we spend on Twitter, but we've sidestepped our guilt by turning that time into a tidy newsletter of building on Bitcoin news for all to enjoy.
In addition to collaborating with Meetups and workshops hosted by other communities, we've started our own series designed to help builders get started building on Bitcoin!
Workshops, hackathons, and even some parties. We do our best to capture events Bitcoin builders will love and index them on the calendar below, which you can even subscribe to!
Everyone has one these days, figured we should too. No pressure to join, you'll probably just miss out connecting with cool people and maybe some alpha. Who knows.
Catch up on Bitcoin with these fantastic resources curated by Jameson Lopp. Once you're up to speed, you'll be ready to go deeper!
BitDevs is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols.
Find our favorite resources related to Ordinals and the thriving community around Inscriptions and Bitcoin NFTs!
This is a technical newsletter that covers the nitty gritty on Bitcoin core development.
Get started building with Lightning, a long-time Bitcoin stalwart and darling that enables scalable, instant transactions.
Stacks is the leading Bitcoin L2 and offers a flexible way to build, including smart contacts, while leveraging Bitcoin security.
EVM-compatible smart contracts platform designed for a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world.
We can estimate your company's opportunities, explore your economical status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
Taking back bitcoin
Love Bitcoin? Us too.
The Bitcoin Builders Association is a community for people that love Bitcoin, believe in its potential to improve society, and most importantly, believe we should absolutely be building on it. Innovation in layers around Bitcoin is one of the most exciting opportunities in technology today; join the BBA to learn, connect, and take action.
Louder, for the people in the back
Bitcoin was one of the most powerful innovations of the past 2 decades, if not the most. But something happened. The longer it worked, the more protective some in the community became. Quickly, Ethereum and other L1s surpassed Bitcoin as a place to build new and interesting use cases on blockchains. Now, as Bitcoiners, we're behind. But that can change quickly. Bitcoin is still the most commonly held asset, with a much larger addressable market and economy than all other ecosystems combined. By scaling Bitcoin on various layers, we can enable people to put their Bitcoin to work, without changing Bitcoin! The innovation that has been reserved for other networks can finally come home, to a network that can secure it better than any other.

Bitcoin is our bedrock, time to build on it!