• Start Here
    This handbook is a guide to ordinal theory. Ordinal theory concerns itself with satoshis, giving them individual identities and allowing them to be tracked, transferred, and imbued with meaning.
  • Awesome Ordinals
    This repo was created to have a nice overview of ordinals stuff out there. Shout out to @crypt0biwan on Github!
  • Newsletter
    Our very own Bitcoin Builders Newsletter covers Ordinals news on a regular basis. Tune in and keep up with all things Bitcoin NFTs, and plenty more!
  • Xverse
    A Bitcoin wallet for Web3
  • Ordinals Wallet
    View, store, buy, sell and transfer Ordinals NFTs on Bitcoin
  • Hiro Wallet
    The most popular and trusted wallet for apps built on Bitcoin
  • UniSat Wallet - Store, Inscribe and Search
    Inscribe and store your inscriptions in the world's first Open Source Chrome wallet for Ordinals!
  • Gamma
    Inscribe any image or text directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain
  • InscribeNow
    Inscribe any Ord-supported content (single or bulk) in just a few clicks
  • Inscribe.art
    Create on-chain Bitcoin NFTs using Counterparty Assets and Ordinal Inscriptions
  • Ordimint
    Mint your own Ordinals on Bitcoin without the Ord wallet
  • OrdinalsBot
    We make it easy to inscribe ordinals. Like, really easy. It's as simple as uploading a file.
  • OrdSwap
    Upload anything to Bitcoin
  • Casey Rodarmor
    The inventor of Ordinals
  • 1btc.news
    News, on the ledger of record.
  • The Ordinal Show
    Conversations with amazing people from the Ordinals community.
  • Ordinals Wallet
    A Bitcoin company. Buy, sell, view and store NFTs and inscriptions on BTC
  • Ordinal Labs
    Dedicated to the development of the Ordinals (Inscription) ecosystem.
  • Ordinal Market
    The premiere destination for trading Ordinals.
  • cbspears
    Bitcoin Accelerationist • "ordfluencer"
  • NeoSwap AI
    AI-powered commerce. Now featuring state-of-the-art #Ordinals smart auctions on $STX, $ETH, $SOL, and $MATIC. $BTC smart auctions coming soon.
  • Ordinals thread of threads
    - How to buy #Bitcoin NFTs
    - How to inscribe (mint) them
    - The notable early collections
    - and more...
  • Xverse
    The most advanced #Bitcoin wallet
  • Ordinals Market
    The premiere destination for trading Ordinals.
  • The Official Ordinals Project
    The server of the Ordinals Project
  • Stacks
    A Bitcoin layer for smart contracts
    Unlocking the Bitcoin economy
  • Ordinals Wallet
    A Bitcoin company. Wallet & block explorer for NFTs and inscriptions on BTC.
  • OrdinalHub
    The premiere platform building tools to buy, sell, and track #Bitcoin-based NFTs to support ordinals owners
  • UniSat
    Inscribe and store your inscriptions in the world's first Open Source Chrome wallet for Ordinals!
  • Taproot Wizards
  • The Ordinal Theory Handbook
  • Bitcoin Inscriptions & Ordinals (White paper)
  • OrdinalHub
    Built to onboard, educate and provide trusted tooling as this industry moves from its infancy to maturity. OrdinalHub is taking a methodical approach to growth to ensure products and tools are built for safety and to last.
  • Bitcoin NFTs?! Ordinals & What They Mean for BTC (Video)
  • Ordinal Theory Explained: Satoshi Serial Numbers and NFTs on Bitcoin (Video)
  • Ordinals Workshop with Casey Rodarmor (Video)