Enrollment is Open For The First-ever Bitcoin Writers Cohort
We’re partnering with Taptive to host the ‘Bitcoin Writers Cohort’. The next ingredient? You.
Over the past several months, the Bitcoin Builders Association has had the privilege of meeting just about a thousand Bitcoin builders like you all over the world. Throughout, we’ve heard about some of the incredible things you’re building and believe those are stories that need to be told.

But there’s a funny thing about builders, they like to keep their head down and build...and build...and that means…they stay quiet. Admittedly, we’ve been a bit quiet the last couple as we did our own ‘building’ to make things here at the BBA official. You know, fun stuff like business registrations, bylaws, yada yada.

And while the heads-down building is a really good thing, we also know the power of conversation, content, and community. After all, the BBA is a community first. We need to share our stories so that we can better support each other, surface opportunities to collaborate, and tap the collective power of the community to grow this Bitcoin builders pie we’re all sharing.

So, now that we’re all set up, we’re prioritizing Bitcoin builder storytelling by providing you hands-on help telling your story, including your blog post, marketing copy, and plenty more. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, especially for you humble builders who would rather be in Github, but we’ve got some real pros on this to make it easy and hopefully a little fun too.
Program Details:
The program itself is a 4-week cohort-based writing program made for Bitcoin builders. In Taptive’s words, it will help you:

  • Publish your writing
  • Get amplified
  • Connect with other builders

Time commitment: 1.5 - 3 hours per week.
Workshops: Thursdays at 12 PM ET
Prior to the writing cohort, I was struggling with writing consistently, having a public discussion on blockchain, and developing a structure for my writing. I'm happy to say that four weeks later, I now write consistently, can publicly speak about blockchain, and follow a set out structure for my writings. Taptive's methods are very actionable and this, for me, is the most outstanding part of the cohort. You do as you learn, not later but in the process.

Matthew Omeje, Blockchain Content Writer
How to Enroll:
Be our writer’die?

We’re wasting no time, the cohort will start on December 7th, so it’s time to enroll. Now look here, the form is only two fields so you really have no excuse. I told you we (well, mainly Taptive ❤️) would make this easy didn’t we? Click the button below for more and holler if you have questions!